WTF of the day
  • Han, just pay Jabba what you owe him
    or he's going to keep sending these guys.
  • Our state-of-the-art space station
    has a garbage monster to break down the trash?
    What are we, the Flintstones?
  • Why keep buying body armor
    that won't even protect us from rocks
    thrown by teddy bears?
  • Speederbikes come with a switch
    to jam each other's communication?
  • It's a covert operation on a forest moon,
    better bring your camouflage poncho
    ...oh, and that slow-moving, shiny gold robot.
  • So, once we find the stolen plans,
    the Death Star will be safe, right?
    No chance they made a copy or emailed them?
  • When did you already try it?
    You dove down the garbage chute
    like 3 seconds before me.
  • Any particular coordinates in the Dagobah system?
    or should I just pick a random spot on the
    planet to crash and start looking for this Yoda guy?
  • You seem a lot more broken up about the death of that
    old guy you just met than you do over the slaughter
    of your aunt and uncle who raised you.
  • Without a single female employee,
    you'd think the Empire would be facing
    a lot more discrimination suits.
  • So, with a galaxy to chose from,
    we are hiding Luke on the home world of the guy
    we are hiding from? With that guy's only living relatives?
    Should we at least change his last name?
  • Check this side of the street,
    if the door's locked, move on to the next one?
    Seriously, that's our search procedure?
  • Sure, the glossy white armor worked out
    great in the snow, but honestly,
    in what other environment is that appropriate?
  • For people living on a planet with two suns,
    the inhabitants of Tatooine aren't very tan.
  • Why do we have to fly down this long trench?
    Couldn't we just start our attack closer
    to that exhaust port?
  • Just how does this Kessel Run work?
  • Why do we have to wait to clear the planet Yavin?
    Can't we just blast through it?
    C'mon, that would be a mouthful of AWESOME!!
  • Seriously, is this armor lined
    with explosives or something?
  • Isn't that our boss having some
    type of sword fight with an old man?
    Think we should help him out?
  • Why doesn't the Wookiee get a medal?
  • Is it my imagination, or has someone been
    following just a few hundred meters behind us
    since we left the Anoat system?

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